Don’t Believe in Jet Lag is a food & travel events company that publishes culinary city guides from around the world for young adventurous eaters and online articles about food trends, history, anecdotes and recipes for those still hungry for more. Don’t Believe in Jet Lag is for all those who travel to eat, or simply worship good food.

Leonore and Olivia Dicker are two sisters who have a deep, passionate and unconditional love for food. Raised in cosmopolitan London by a German father and a French mother, they now spend most of their time daydreaming about their next meal as they try out new restaurants and recipes. Travelling is their second big passion as it enables them to discover new cultures and…. new culinary experiences.

Leonore is a journalist who has worked in vibrant cities around the world, such as New York and Paris – and more developing ones like Astana. Her curiosity prompted her to write for a variety of sectors including travel (Time Out Beirut), fashion (ELLE), business (World Investment News) and lifestyle (Paris Match). That is until she found The One: food. She currently resides in Beirut.

Olivia has a background in the contemporary art market. Having studied and worked in Paris (Centre Pompidou & La Fondation Ricard), she decided to discover the world while pursuing her career. She left her beloved vin et fromage to taste other delights from other countries, such as Germany and China.

Their mission is to share their passion by tasting and savouring their favourite cuisine while reviewing delicious restaurants. They hope to awaken their followers’ appetites by giving tips, addresses, recipes… and informing them on everything about thine beloved food.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the menu, as Don’t Believe in Jet Lag’s team is hungry for company. The world is their oyster and they intend to eat it.