BA meal

British Airways London-Beirut (Economy)

Departed at 2.15pm and landed at 9pm (local time)
Flight duration: 4 hours and 45 minutes

Here’s our first in-flight review –

STARTER: Bean salad with a citrus dressing
While the portion looked more like an amuse-bouche than an appetizer, this salad was rather tasty. All it took was 3 bites to finish it but we wiped the plastic bowl clean. This meal was off to a good start.

MAIN: Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice
The chicken was surprisingly tender, but the sauce was expectedly dry (and lacking, frankly). The rice was enjoyable and wasn’t over-cooked (for once). We won’t comment on the portion though. #SizeMatters

DESSERT: Sticky Toffee Pudding
The dessert was a real let down. When we first saw what it was, our hearts raced as we’re big fans of Sticky toffee pudding. This one came drenched in sticky toffee and an awfully heavy cream. The actual pudding was practically missing.


Overall, this wasn’t too bad compared to what we’ve had in the past – although we wish First Class would’ve shared their meal.

Had we been in an actual restaurant, we would’ve been super upset, as there’s nothing more disappointing than wasting a meal on bad food (at least that’s how we feel). But we were oddly content, as our expectations take a dive every time we step inside of an airplane. We wonder if Pete Wells feels the same…

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