Our 4 Favourite Noodle Soups in Houston

These days, all I can think of is noodle soup (and pizza – but that’s for another blog post). With Houston being the most diverse city in the United States, there are lots of restaurants serving food from all around the world and Asian food is no exception. Here are my 4 go-to noodle soups from 3 spots I highly recommend!


Tsukemen Ramen from Ramen Tatsu-Ya

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These noodles are served with chashu pork (marinated braised pork belly) and a soft-boiled egg alongside a thick condensed pork bone dipping broth, which is insanely rich and flavourful. Do not pour the whole thing over the noodles as it would be a little sickening. Instead, dip your noodles into it before savouring them. I’m pretty sure this is packed with calories, but it is really worth it. You’re welcome!


Ps: Ramen Tatsuya is always a little busy so be prepared to wait in line. Good news is that you can order a drink whilst you wait!



Tamashi Ramen and Sushi

This is my go-to take-out place and if you scrolled through my Über Eats account, you’d realise just how big of a role it plays in my life. Thing is though, I’ve never actually been but I am obsessed with these 2 dishes:


Tamashi’s Menn from Tamashi Ramen and Sushi

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This ramen has a thick and creamy shrimp braised broth. It’s served with a shrimp skewer, bean sprout and Chasu pork and is topped with a soft-boiled egg, fried onion and scallion. If you like seafood, then you’ll love this. This dish is far from being light though, so no need to order a starter or a side as I can guarantee that you’ll be full by the last bite!


Curry Tsukemen from Tamashi Ramen and Sushi

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This is also a dipping noodle dish which I literally find myself craving on a regular basis. It is by far the most filling one out of this whole list, but is really mouth-watering. Picture a thick coconut milk broth seasoned with nine spices and herbs, topped with soft-boiled egg, fried kani, green onions, chashu pork, cabbage and fish cake. Noodles are again served on the side, ready to take a dip.




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You might’ve noticed that this list is a little ramen heavy – so I decided to lighten it up with a nice yummy pho dish. This beef noodle soup has a 24-hour simmered broth which is flavoured with Thai basil, bean sprout, yellow onion, scallion, cilantro, jalapeno and lime. You can choose up to 6 parts of beef to fill your soup with some protein: filet mignon, bee shank, beef tendon, lean brisket, fatty brisket and beef meatball are all on the menu.


Tip: Make sure to order their Vietnamese style grilled Corn. It’s super spicy and yummy!




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