Al Mayass

Al Mayass Al Mayass 1 al mayassTrabaud St.  Achrafieh
Telephone: +961 (0)1 215046
Daily from noon – 12am

This homely little Armenian restaurant offers some of the city’s best dishes, which never fail to make us drool.

Definitely don’t miss out on their house-special Basterma Al Mayass (cured beef canapé topped with fried quail’s eggs), or on their exceptional Mouhammara (sweet spicy red pepper paste with crushed walnuts). Desserts are not their forte, but the Asmaliyah Mayass (roasted vermicelli filled with cream, covered with cotton candy and seasoned with sugar syrup) may sound quite fatty, but is truly worth a try.

Tip: Unless you’re a big cheesy music fan, don’t encourage the man strolling around with his guitar to sing because then he just won’t stop.

Recommended dish: Lamb Kebab in sweet and sour cherry sauce  (LBP 28.000/19$)

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