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Summer: Hrajel, Faraya, Keserwan, Lebanon +9613 216 639
Winter: Antoura, Ain El Rihaneh, Keserwan, Lebanon +9613 216 639


This Lebanese culinary dream exists in two different locations. Its founder, Fouad –who dresses in a safari outfit, recites the menu like a poem and actually cooks the food himself– cleverly opened both a winter and summer spot, making sure his devotees could savour his food all year long. First thing you should know about this place –other than the fact that it’s delicious– is that desserts and arak are free here, meaning that by the time you leave, you’ll most definitely be stuffed –and drunk (pick a reliable designated driver who doesn’t mind solitude, as everyone else will likely be snoring… #SorryYousef)

Fouad will ask you whether you want fattoush (a tomato, cucumber and mixed greens salad with sumac, fried bread and pomegranate) or tabouleh (a parsley, tomato, mint, onion and bulgur salad drizzled in lemon juice), as according to him you either like one or the other and rarely both. We picked the fattoush, and it was one of the best ones we’ve had (after Em Sherif’s).

The most delicious things we ordered were:

-The buttery potato puree, which comes with crushed walnuts and a tomato paste
– The smoky mutabal, which is covered in chives and filled with sweet pomegranate molasse –resulting in an explosion of flavours
-The chmamit: a sort of fatteh with laban yogurt, meat, grilled pine nuts and poached eggs. (A speciality here, which you won’t find in many places)
Muhallabieh: a delicious milk pudding with rose water and musk

You’ll end up paying approximately $35 / per person and will leave stuffed and bloated.


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