Frosty Palace 2

Frosty Palace

Frosty Palace 2 Frosty Palace1 Frosty Palace 3
Pharaoh St. Mar Mikhael
Telephone : +961 (0)1 449595
Monday–Saturday from 11am-11pm

There’s nothing better than a juicy burger and a good milkshake to cure a hangover. This tiny American diner not only plays great retro tunes but also serves some of best fatty sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, or desserts you’d want to chew on after a rough night or a good smoke. Salads are also available if your significant other sadly happens to be on a diet.

Recommended dish: The hoisin burger (it’s a special, so fingers crossed) and the oreo milkshake (total for around LBP 40.000/26$)

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