Kobe ok


  Pasteur St. Gemmayzeh
Telephone: +961 (0)1 561016
Daliy from 12.30pm-12.30am

Hopefully, by the time you read this, this place won’t have shut down. The sad thing about this city is that most people will only go to restaurants that have been recommended to them by others. The Lebanese aren’t very keen on trying new things. Kobe, unfortunately, has been affected by that and neglected. If you don’t mind dining in an empty restaurant with flawless service while enjoying some really good New York-esque Japanese style sushi (LBP 9.000-23.000/6-15$), dim sum (LBP 7.000-23.000/4.5-15$) and teppanyaki, made with market-fresh ingredients, then voila!

#peoplearemissingout #creativesushi

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