A friend recently asked us what our favourite dishes in Beirut were. While this is an impossible question to answer (as the city is filled with tasty food), it made us think hard about the dishes we crave the most.

Pine-nut Hummus @ Abou Hassan
Haret Sader, Bourj Hammoud
Telephone: +961 (0)1 266880
Daily from 9am-12.30am

We cannot stress how delicious this is. The cool, creamy hummus is served covered in warm and crispy pine nuts, which creates an interested mix of flavours. No other hummus in the world compares to this one, seriously.


Lamb chops covered in Miso butter @ Le Sushi Bar
Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Str, Monnot
Telephone: +961 (0)1 338555
Daily from 12.30pm-4pm, 8pm-11.30pm

Think of an intensely tender lamb covered in a sumptuous miso-butter dressing that just melts in your mouth. Foodgasm. And to think we came very close to never tasting this… thank god the waitress recommended it to us.


Shiitake ai Ricci di mare @ Tavolina
Kamille Youssef Chamoun Str, Mar Mikhael
Telephone : +961 (0)1 442244
Daily from 12.30pm-11.30pm

This one started as a special and is now a staple on the black board. The shiitake mushrooms (LBP 22.000/ 15$) are covered in the tastiest creamy sea urchin sauce. You will find yourself licking the plate until it is dishwashing-ly clean (or maybe that’s just us).


Breakfast buffet @ The Four Seasons Hotel
Professeur Wafic Sinno Avenue, Minet El Hosn
Telephone: +961 (0)1 761 600
Breakfast every day until noon

The unlimited buffet (LBP 58.000/38$ per person) offers some mind-blowing Danish pastries, fruits, Lebanese pastries, eggs and anything else you never knew you craved. On top of that, the waiters are at your beck and call.


3-cheese Kaak @ Abou Arab
Multiple locations on the highway in every strategic point around the country including Tabarja, Galerie Semaan & Damour

While Abou Arab isn’t in Beirut per se, we have often driven out of the city just to get their sandwich –and we have many Lebanese friends living abroad who crave it all year round. The dirty chain sells toasted kaak-bread snacks –flat sesame bread, which has the shape of a purse and comes with a filling. Our absolute favourite is the three cheeses. Hands down.


Anything @ Em Sherif
Victor Hugo Str, Monnot
Telephone: +961 (0)1 207207
Daily from 12.30am-4pm, 8.30pm-12am

For LBP 90.000/60$ per person for dinner and LBP 55.000/36$ for lunch, be prepared to eat like a king or queen. This Lebanese-meets-Syrian restaurant has no menu. So sit back, and get ready to sample what will seem like an unlimited amount of dishes. Pace yourself though, as it’s only when you think you can’t possibly eat another bite that they’ll bring out the mains.


The Sea Bream Sashimi @ Al Sultan Brahim
Starco, Minet El Hosn, Downtown
Telephone: +961 (0)1 989989
Daily from noon-12am

This über-ly fresh fish (market price per kg) is served raw with a selection of spices, wasabi, ginger and soy sauce and makes the perfect light dish for a Sunday lunch. If you’re into raw fish, then this one is definitely worth a try.


Spicy Falafel Sandwich @ M. Sahyoun vs. Sahyoun Falafel
Maliyeh Bldg, Damascus Rd, Sodeco
Telephone : +961 (0)1 633188
Monday – Saturday from 10am-11pm

These two almost identical holes-in-the-wall are known to sell the best falafel in town. Rumour has it that the Sahyoun family originally only held one but after the father passed away, the two brothers split up– literally. One inherited the outlet and the other opened his own right next door. Gossip aside, both offer the perfect cure to a hangover: a deliciously hearty falafel sandwich. We like ours slightly spicy, with chili sauce drizzled on top.


Anything @ Tawlet
Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael
Telephone: +961 (0)1 448129
Mon-Sat from 1pm-4pm

Worth every single penny, Tawlet’s concept is very special. Every day a different local chef prepares dishes from his specific region of Lebanon, only using the freshest of ingredients, to then present the feast on a buffet (LBP 50.000/33$ including unlimited arak). We have never been disappointed here and often have an urge to go back.

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