The Food Guide: Beirut on a Plate. Buy it now!

Our guide to Beirut isn’t simply about food, it’s about good food. Unlike others, we won’t recommend the cool, the hip, the beautiful and the charming. Our goal is to lead you to places that ooze taste and flavour. This may include the ugly, but will save you from ever having to encounter the bad.

What better way to end an out-of-this-world meal, than with some good funky cocktails? Our guide only recommends the best cocktail bars in town, so if your aim is to get cheap drinks at a fun bar that will get you buzzed ASAP, please drop us an email (we@dontbelieveinjetlag.com) as we’ve got quite a few addresses to share, as well as memories –or lack thereof.

Giving exact information on location, opening hours or telephone number is close to impossible in this country.  Even though we’ve honestly tried our best, we still recommend you check web or Facebook pages for precise details and changes of address. Small family businesses are the most difficult ones, when it comes to determining opening hours. We cannot guarantee that the father won’t get tired and close the doors a few hours earlier, or that the son won’t accidentally click snooze, fall back asleep and forget to open the family shop. We apologize if these situations happen, and recommend you take them with a pinch of salt and a smile, as this is Lebanon!

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