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The Cheesiest Things To Do in London

Don’t you just love cheese? We’re absolutely obsessed with it. Luckily for us, it seems to be the case with most Londoners  – which makes cheese the trendiest thing in town.
Here are some of our favourite cheesy things to do in London.


Our favourite cheese shops




Credit: La Fromagerie


Probably the most famous cheese monger in London, La Fromagerie is quite overwhelming. They have an impressive collection of cheese coming from all over Europe with (surprisingly) a few American options – and they all look divine (unfortunately we haven’t yet had the pleasure of tasting them all, but at this rate, we will soon).
You can sit in their cute deli for a bite and they also happen to organise fondue nights on Fridays at the Marylebone shop.



Another thing we love about cheese is its love relationship with beautiful wine. At Provisions, the knowledgeable and very friendly staff will help you pick the perfect pairing. Their cheese selection focuses on France and Italy (can’t go wrong with that) but whatever you do – please buy their unctuous butter, as it’s one of the best we’ve ever had.
Our favourite cheese workshop





This urban cheese factory organises great cheese making courses. Philipp and Keith will show you how to make mozzarella balls while blasting some great disco tunes. On a more serious note, they will explain why you shouldn’t buy the homogenised milk at your local, and since then we’ve only been drinking unhomogenised milk  (if you want to know why, you should book a course). They also explained that drinking skimmed milk is the same as drinking “water with a bit of Tipp–Ex”.
Our favourite cheese tasting


Various locations



After years of acting, Sam decided to change careers to pursue another passion: cheese. He now organises cheese pairing events with craft cider, beer and natural wine. He very clearly expresses his passion for flavours (maybe thanks to his acting career?) and picks the best products (or so it seems).
Our favourite cheese toast


Borough Market


Credit: Kappacasein


We already mentioned this beauty in a previous article and thought we would remind you guys in case you hadn’t tried it yet. Next time you head to Borough market just have their three cheese toast and forget about the rest. The mix of Montgomery Cheddar, Comté and Ogleshield cheese on Poilane bread with chopped red and white onions, leeks and crushed garlic is your cure to anything.
Our favourite cheese market


Chapel Market – Angel



London Farmers Market are paying tribute to cheese by dedicating an entire market to it. You’ll be able to meet our friends from La Fromagerie and Wildes Cheese but we also recommend popping by other vendors like The Old Cheese Room (because their Mini Baronet is a winner) or the Raclette Brothers (for obvious reasons).


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