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We’re not sure if you’ve noticed but Taiwanese food is very much “in” these days – and with good reason. If you ever stumble upon a Taiwanese restaurant, or, even better, make your way there – then make sure to try these!




Danbing, which means “egg pancake”, is a breakfast speciality usually sold by street vendors. Its very simple “scrambled egg with spring onions” topping is a deliciously healthy way to start the day.


Shui Jian Bao


These pan-fried buns are a popular snack in Taiwan. They are quite similar to pan-fried dumplings, but are made of steamed white bread instead. Fillings always seem to vary from pork to veggies!




Ba-wan is the super hero of all dumplings, (according to us at least). This überly massive Taiwanese ravioli comes with various savoury fillings and is served with a sweet sauce. #SuperYum


Fried Chicken

Many different cultures seem to praise fried chicken. Out of all of them, Taiwan deserves a medal, as their well-seasoned popcorn chicken is highly addictive. KFC has some serious competition.



Shou Zhua Bing


This pancake is quite something. The dough is perfectly balanced between crunchy and chewy and is subtly seasoned. It is cut into long sections to fall apart when grabbed and is served as a side dish with different noodle soups. #Drool



Beef Wrapped Pancake


Yes, the Taiwanese are indeed pretty good at making pancakes and this one is no exception. This is braised beef rolled in a green onion pancake – and is to die for, unless you’re dying for a second serving.


If an immediate trip to Taiwan seems impossible and you’re experiencing some serious FOMO, here is a good alternative:


Bao London
53 Lexington Street,
London W1F 9AS

Originally a food truck, Bao was so popular that it opened a little joint in Soho –which is always packed. Make sure to come early, as people will queue for hours on end for their specialty: Bao, (a flavourful Taiwanese mini burger). The bun is steamed and you can get different fillings, but we would recommend the classic pork and the fried chicken. Be prudent though – as it might get messy.

Classic Bao

Braised Pork, Peanut Powder and Fermented Greens Coriander £3,75

Fried Chicken Bao

Soy Milk Marinated Chicken, Sichuan Mayo, Golden Kimchi and Sesame Bao £5

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