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Have you ever craved a dish that you haven’t yet tasted? It’s the worst. When you crave something you’re familiar with, you know what to expect –but when you desire food you’ve never tried, there’s always this slight chance that you might be completely disappointed. And yet… every month or so, we have new dishes that pile up on our “to-try” list. Here are 4 of them.


Ever since the cronut, hybrid dishes have become the hippest food to date. The Ramen burger –which consists of a burger with compressed ramen noodles instead of a bun– was invented by Keizo Shimamoto and is something we’ve been dying to munch on.

Khachapuri adjaruli

If you love cheese as much as we do, then you’ll understand why pictures of this Georgian dish make us drool. This puffy crust is filled with melted white cheese and topped with a barely fried egg. Once served, the waiter then proceeds to mix the egg into the cheese.

If there was ever an appropriate time to use this hashtag, this is it: #FoodPorn.

Cookie Milk Shot

Invented by the same guy who invented the cronut (Dominique Ansel), the cookie milk shot consists of a small jug of vanilla-infused milk and a cookie shot glass, to be filled and devoured at your leisure. While we were just recently in NYC where we tried the cronut, we refused to come back 4 hours later (the cronut is served in the morning while the cookie milk shot is only available from 3pm onwards) and wait in line for another 45 minutes). #LazinessWins

Beef Tartare with Ants


You might think we’re crazy, but after a few of our friends recommended Noma’s Beef Tartare with ants dish to us, it’s been lingering on our minds. We know it’s got to be good since Noma was voted the best restaurant in the world. The ants are made to give the tartare a crispy acidic touch. #yum?

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