Wine bars in Paris

What would be the point of avoiding what France does best when you’re in Paris? We’re referring to what the French like to call “Produits du terroir” – which include wine, cheese, pâté, rillettes and saucisson with some warm crispy bread.
Though the French capital might be known for its haute gastronomie, it’s its simple delicacies that truly make it special.
Finding wine bars in Paris isn’t exactly a treasure hunt, but here are our favourite hangouts to sip away.
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Le Garde Robe
41, rue de l’Arbre Sec
75001 Paris
+33 (0)1 49 26 90 60
2, rue Lamandé
75017 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 90 05 04

As you walk into Le Garde Robe, you know you’re going to have a late one. With its saucissons hanging down the ceiling, its mismatched chairs, friendly atmosphere and way too many easy-to-reach bottles, the night is doomed to get jolly.
There’s no wine menu here, but a bartender who will gladly help you pick what you need. The owner has a weakness for natural and biodynamic wines, which goes perfectly with their massive cheese board.
This bar à vin has been around for a while and has recently opened a second branch in Batignolles. While it may be a bit pricey, it’s perfect for a good catch up with friends.

La Cave de Septime
3, rue Basfroi
75011 Paris
+33 (0)1 43 67 14 87

The recently opened Michelin starred-restaurant, Septime, on rue de Charonne was part of every fancy dinner conversation in Paris. You’ve been or you haven’t. We haven’t. Fortunately for us (and the other billion unlucky ones), the owners have renovated the space next door (which used to house an old shoemaker) into a delicious cave à vin. The shop meets bar offers an amazing selection from small wine producers, allowing tasters to discover wonders without breaking their wallets (approx. 5-7 € for a glass of wine). We strongly recommend that you also grab a bite, as the food comes straight from the restaurant’s kitchen. Colonnata pancetta, sliced smoked duck breast, fennel sausage, foie gras & smoked eel are all on the menu (between 4-14 €).

L’Entrée des Artistes
8, rue de Crussol
75011 Paris
+33 (0)9 50 99 67 11ée-des-artistes/225746787464340?sk=timeline


Seeing as there aren’t any obvious signs, this hole-in-the-wall (with its candlelight atmosphere) feels like a speakeasy. Also known for its cocktails, L’Entrée des Artistes offers an amazing selection of natural wine, bringing a French touch to the Berlin vibe. Have you ever savoured a biodynamic wine while listening to a killer hip-hop and soul music playlist? Now you can.

The food menu takes you back to the roots with homemade Foie Gras,  charcuterie platter, burratta with figs and their special mum’s chocolate cake (7-14 €). Perfect for a date.

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