Name: Juliette Bonhomme
Nationality: French
Profession: Corporate Communications – Project Manager at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, L’Oréal
Location: Paris
Camera used: my iPhone
What type of eater are you? I love eating! I like discussing food and organizing dinner parties – like most people I guess… I recently came across a website for runners (which isn’t exactly my thing) but their different types of eaters intrigued me (see article here). I would probably place myself between a restrictive and an indulgent eater. Food can be fun to make; it’s healthy and I enjoy it most during feasts with friends and family. But food is also a concern. I have to keep it balanced and resist a lot of temptations, as looks are very important in my industry. But beyond that, it’s also about being healthy and in good shape: the basic rules to happiness.


I never skip breakfast. I always have tartines with butter or honey and coffee while I listen to the news. I’ve recently swapped my Nespresso capsules for freshly grounded coffee by Le Coffee Guy. He carefully selects the best beans and sends them straight to your door.


My days spent at work are very hectic. I run around making sure that every photo shoot and press event goes well. Even though I spend most lunch-breaks eating at my desk, I still find it important to keep my diet balanced. A cold chicken curry with greens and rice always helps me last until dinner.

And an espresso, of course.


After living in NYC a few years ago, I discovered Kale. Supposedly good for you, it just recently made its way to France and is very popular among health-conscious eaters. Last Saturday I bought some from the organic market on my street. I quickly sautéed it with garlic and black pepper and served it with poached salmon and a pealed tomato salad with basil and olive oil. I rarely spend time cooking after a hard day at work but preparing dinner last night was actually very relaxing! (and I could finally use the ingredients in my fridge!)

I love wine and I often enjoy a glass with my dinner at home. A glass of red wine never killed anyone.

I sometimes finish dinner on a sweet note, this time it was yoghurt with honey.

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