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24 Hours of Food – with Thomas Wiesel

Thomas Wiesel

Name: Thomas Wiesel
Nationality: Swiss
Profession: Comedian
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Type of eater: Survival eater, whatever is easiest, fastest, with a faint hope of letting me have abs again in the next 20 years
Type of camera: iPhone 5


cereal, breakfast, foodie, 24h

Corn-flakes are a ritual for me. I gulp down 3-4 bowls when I have time, 2 when I’m running late. Recently, I’ve been trying to buy the blander, healthier ones to somewhat ease my conscience.

LUNCH: 1.00 PM

dinner, foodie 24h

For lunch I was invited by my producer to L’auberge du Château. I had rib steak with morels, potato purée and vegetables. When I go to the restaurant I always order meat. If it’s to eat salad, might as well stay home. It was quite expensive, but I wasn’t the one who got the bill.

SNACK: 5.00 PM

snack, foodie, 24h

Wafers are my weakness. If there are any biscuits around when I’m working, I’ll dig in.


lunch, foodie, 24h

Tabbouleh is sweet and simple. The penis-shaped puff pastries had sausages inside à la pigs in a blanket. My dad’s wife made them. Without the leftovers of her deliciously healthy dishes, I’d be seriously obese by now.

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