24 hours of food in Calvados

“Calvados” has two different meanings: it’s both a part of Normandy and a delicious apple brandy. The word Calvados comes from the Latin words Calvitium (baldness) and Doce (back). When the Romans arrived in Normandy by boat and saw its beautiful white and treeless cliffs, they decided to call the region the bald back: Calvados.

Now that we’ve gotten History out of the way, let’s talk about food. Below is our recommended itinerary for those who happen to be driving through the region!


Breakfast : Brasillé pastry @ Fournil de Saint Loup

Photo crédit: Depêche Mode 

Choosing between a croissant and a pain au chocolat is already hard enough but imagine also having the option of eating a Brasillé, which is basically a croissant with extra butter and sugar. This pastry is only made in the Calvados region and is our favourite way to start the day.


Morning: Cider tasting – cause why not.

La Ferme de Billy @ Rots

Normandy is not only known for its beautiful blooming apple trees but also for the delicious liquid squeezed out of it (and we aint talking about apple juice). On top of cider, there are two happy apple juices which we recommend. There’s Pommeau, a sweet apple-based aperitif and Calvados, a strong apple-based digestif.

We wouldn’t recommend drinking on an empty stomach, so make sure to order their weekend brunch if you’re hungry! (22€ for unlimited buffet).


Lunch: Au Pays du Bessin @ Port-en-Bessin

Port-en-Bessin is a true fishermen’s port. Known for its fresh scallops (and its beach made only out of scallop shells), it also houses a small fish market and an incredibly charming restaurant. Located on a fisherman’s boat, Aux Pays du Bessin serves incredible, extra large seafood platters, which couldn’t get any fresher nor tastier


Tea: Le Tea Garden @ Sallen

Have you been doing too much eating? We feel you. Perhaps you’d like to take a little break in this gorgeous garden where Freya and her mum Lucy cultivate beautiful organic flowers and organise flower arrangement workshops.

Tea is served on Sundays and Mondays during Summer – and tastes like the Garden of Eden in a cup.


Dinner: Le Botaniste @ Chateau la Chenevière

Photo crédit: Mathilde Mochon

Fancy having dinner in a beautiful 18th century manor house and being served by a French Maitre d’ called Bertrand, who has the most intriguing of moustaches? You know where to go. Not only is the décor beautiful here, but the food (which is concocted by Didier and his team) is incredible. Vegetables, fruits, honey and herbs come straight out of the chateau’s vegetable garden and beehives. Watch out for their cheese trolley, the house-made Camembert au Calvados is to die for.

Dishes are inspired by traditional Norman recipes and are given a modern and creative twist. (Set menu from 55€)


Bon appétit.

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