Our 3 favourite set-lunch deals in Marylebone, London

Set lunch deals are our absolute favourite way to check out some of the best restaurants, as you get to enjoy incredible food for a very small fee (compared to what you’d be paying at night!) Here are our 3 favourite spots for a discounted lunch in Marylebone.


Jikoni (set lunch 12-3pm, Tuesday to Friday)


Inspired by the team’s mixed heritage, as well as their travels around the world, this Mediterranean-meets-Asian restaurant serves some incredible mix-cultured dishes.

If you head there for lunch, you should definitely check out their set-lunch menu (2 courses for £20 and 3 courses for £25). We loved the Prawn Toast Scotch Egg, served with banana ketchup (!!) and pickled cucumber and the Sweet Potato Bhel with apple and pomegranate! The combination of flavours was absolutely incredible – not to mention that the restaurant is incredibly cute and cosy!



Trishna (set lunch 12pm-2.30pm, Monday to Friday)


Created by the same guys behind Gymkhana, this Indian restaurant did not disappoint. Their Lunch Bites menu (2 dishes for £20, 3 for £26, 4 for £32, 5 for £38) was so yummy and filling! We honestly feel a lot of respect for whoever orders 5 dishes as we were so full after 3. Mains come with your choice of rice or bread and therefore are quite filling. Our favourite thing was the Kala Jamun dessert which was a type of almond cake with a plum sauce and rose kulfi. It’s definitely a dish that we’ll be craving!



Fairuz (set lunch 12pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

Photo credit: scoffler.com

We absolutely love this Lebanese restaurant, which was named after an incredibly famous and respected Lebanese singer. Fairuz’ décor and food are both very authentic, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. On top of that, their lunch-deal is such great value! For £14.95 per person, diners can enjoy a selection of mezze including fresh cheese borak, tabbouleh and falafel, followed by grilled fillet of chicken and lamb kofta served with rice and cucumber yoghurt, finishing off with a selection of baklawa.

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