Ravioli Pizza

The 3 Funniest Dishes On Instagram This Week

We don’t know about you but we personally spend a lot of time on Instagram. The social media platform has become our archive, our dream finder and our comic relief. We wanted to share with you the most intriguing photographs of dishes which we’ve come across this week.


Ravioli Pizza from Rosa’s Pizza in NYC – instagrammed by evapiggie


Do you like pizza? What about pasta? This one is for you.


Fried Egg Cake, homemade – instagrammed by ali_incucina


This year, why not celebrate Easter with something different than the usual chocolate eggs? That’s right, this fried egg cake will definitely impress your guests!


Edible balloon from Alinea in Chicago – instagrammed by TheBrandCanteen


This grape taffy balloon is filled with grape flavoured helium and has a grape leather string. Now this is impressive.

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