3 Funny Food Beauty Products

Pairing food with beauty has always been a thing. Think cucumber slices on eyes to reduce puffiness, or lemon juice drizzled on hair in the sun to make it lighter. But with food becoming crazier and crazier (charcoal ice cream anyone?), beauty seems to want to join in. Here are the 3 funniest food-beauty products we’ve come across this week.


Rosé Deodorant

We sure love drinking a glass of rosé but would we want to wear it? Native Cosmetics have created a rosé stick deodorant as a part of a limited-edition “brunch” boxed set that also includes scents like Mimosa and Sangria. The box set costs $30 and the good news is that the deodorants are natural, healthy and aluminum-free. 



French Fry Lip Balm 

To be entirely honest, this does not tickle our fancy. While we love French fries, the one thing that kind of puts us off is the grease, so there’s no way we’d want to purposely wear it on our lips without even tasting the fries! Interested? You can have it for $3.50!



Tomato perfume 


The internet is full of odd perfumes that no sane person would actually wear and that includes bacon cologne and  Pizza Hutt fragrance. What we love about this one is that it’s not entirely crazy and could actually be wearable, as tomatoes do smell good and their scent is discreet.



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