Rosewood London Market


Food markets have been growing around the city like mushrooms, and we looove mushrooms. Every time we step into these wonderlands, our uncontrollable inner food beast comes out.

Markets nowadays seem to combine farmers and street food vendors, which makes it quite confusing. Should we shop and cook at home or should we just eat there? #ToughLife

We’ll skip the obvious ones like Borough Market –which we still love. Here are 3 smaller ones we’re big fans of.

Rosewood London Market
252 High Holborn,
London, WC1V 7EN

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While we’ve been very interested in the Rosewood Hotel lately, we’ve particularly been seduced by the hotel’s Slow Food Market. Located in its courtyard every Sunday from 10am to 3.30pm, the market includes slow meat, slow fish, slow dairies (check out their cheeses!!), slow bread and slow beer, among other delights.


Brockley Market
Lewisham College Car Park,
Lewisham Way,
London, SE4 1UT

South London is a great spot to start your weekend. This award winning food market takes place every Saturday from 10am to 2pm. You can either buy fresh, local products or grab a bite on the go. We really enjoy Bill or Beak‘s Bill Burger paired with a glass of wine, but that’s just us.


Pimlico Farmer’s Market
Orange Square,
Pimlico Rd,
London, SW1W 8NE 

This little farmers’ market entertains Chelsea residents every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. You won’t find any snacks here (except for cake!) but you will find some beautiful produce to cook at home – and meet some lovely farmers along the way. #TheWayItUsedToBe

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