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3 Things We Loved About Nutbourne In Battersea

We recently discovered Nutbourne, which is the third restaurant opened by brothers Richard, Oliver and Gregory Gladwin, who also own The Shed in Notting Hill and Rabbit in Chelsea. Located south of the river in Battersea, a neighbourhood which is still finding itself in terms of restaurants, Nutbourne makes a wonderful and incredibly delicious addition. Here are three reasons why you should go visit:


1)      It’s a family affair. Opened by three brothers, each plays a crucial role in the running of the restaurant group. The eldest, Richard, is in charge of the business operations and front-of-house while Oliver wears the chef hat and leads in the kitchen. The youngest brother, Gregory, actually runs a farm located in West Sussex, which provides the majority of the restaurant’s produce. And it doesn’t stop here: a family vineyard also supplies most of the house tipples.


2)      The food is incredibly creative and has a wonderful Farm to Plate dining concept. As previously mentioned, most ingredients (from the wine to the meat and vegetables) come from Gregory’s farm. Ingredients that don’t come from there are either sourced from another regional supplier or foraged. Impressive, right?


3)      Dishes aren’t just delicious, they’re also incredibly photogenic, aka instagrammable, and super creative. Think “Truffle and cheddar roasted British seeds” (£4), “BBQ Lulworth scallop, blood pudding, leeks, candied lemon, langoustine sauce” (£12) or “Pheasant & smoked cheddar saltimbocca, venison cigar, celeriac, cabbage ketchup” (£18). Each dish is full of flavours and beautifully plated.

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