Cresta di gallo

Our 4 Favourite Pasta Dishes in Houston, Texas

Since pasta is one of our favourite things to eat, we’re always on the lookout for delicious pasta dishes wherever we are – and that includes Houston, Texas. After exploring the city, here are the best ones we’ve had so far (in no particular order).



Spaghetti, black pepper, Parmesan and olive Oil ($13) at Coltivare



Hands down, this interesting take on Rome’s famous Cacio e Pepe is one of the most delicious plates of pasta we’ve ever had, and we’re not even exaggerating. The abundance of Parmesan and pepper is absolutely divine. If you haven’t been to Coltivare in The Heights yet, we highly recommend you go. The restaurant grows its own vegetables in their vegetable garden and the food is fantastic.


Lobster/Crab Mac & Cheese at Pappa’s Steakhouse (in Galleria)



When in Texas… have some steak and some mac and cheese, and both of these can be found at the famous Pappa’s Steakhouse. Not only is their meat incredible, their décor old-school (think Mad Men style with red leather seats and classic phones at each table, like back in the day when no one had a mobile phone) but their mac and cheese is one of the best we’ve ever had. It’s not on the menu but it’s definitely a staple.



Spaghetti Carbonara ($21) at Coppa Osteria



Blending black pepper, parsley, salumi toscano and egg yolk with Parmesan cream, this dish is just right! Not to mention that the restaurant and its outside terrace is pretty cool too. If you happen to go, we insist you also order the Burrata Tartuffo ($22), which comes with chunks of truffle!



Cresta di Gallo, Hen of the Woods, Roasted Yeast & Parmesan ($14/$23) at Provisions


First of all, we love the shape of Cresta di Gallo pasta (which we had never heard of before) as they look like a rooster’s comb. This great dish mixes exotic mushrooms with a creamy sauce. We highly recommend it!


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