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4 Food Related Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

Food has become one of the trendiest industries to work in. Some might argue that it has become more fashionable than fashion itself, which means that everyone wants to be part of it. Now when we think of food related jobs, we tend to think of chefs, waiters, restaurateurs, food PRs and critics. But did you know that there are other bizarre food-related jobs out there? Here are 4 that stand out.



Milk sommelier


Bas de Groot is the world’s first (and only) milk sommelier. What does his job entail, you might ask? He is a raw-milk advocate who basically travels the world to taste raw milk, and educate people about its special properties and benefits. He often organizes milk tastings,

Where people can sample supermarket milk as well as raw or biodynamic milks to understand their distinct characteristics.



Water Sommelier


Clearly, being a sommelier is quite trendy these days but not everyone wants to drink wine! Martin Riese doesn’t know much about wine for instance, he does however know an awful lot about water and is the only water sommelier in the United States. Having been fascinated with water since the age of 4, he is blessed with a very special palette that allows him to detect the subtle differences in the taste of different mineral waters. He is currently a water sommelier for the Patina Group in Los Angeles. He offers clients a selection of different waters (stored at 59 degrees Fahrenheit) and describes their mineral content, flavour and essence. Here is a video of Martin describing his job!



Egg Peeler


Ever wondered how your eggs at Pret or Whole Foods got peeled? Well someone actually has to do it… While nowadays Egg Peelers work with machines, a couple decades ago it all had to be done manually and from the looks of it there’s an actual technique to it. Curious? Here’s a video of Barbara Dale-Avant, an employee of Atlantic Food Inc.‘s cooked-egg division, in Hemingway, South Carolina peeling 23 eggs in one minute.



Dog Food Tester


Yes, this is an actual job. Humans have to test dog and cat food to make sure that it is good enough for our pets. Like wine tasting, food is not swallowed but it is thoroughly chewed and its nutritional content is checked. Pet food is meant to be safe for human consumption but it isn’t required to smell good, which is the most challenging part of the job.

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