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Normandy is a special region. It might not be France’s prettiest, but it might just be its tastiest. Having spent most of ours summer here, we know a thing or two about Norman food. Over the years, we’ve discovered four local delights, which we urge you to try.



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Choosing between a croissant and a pain au chocolat is already hard enough but imagine also having the option of eating a Brasillé, which is basically a croissant with extra butter and sugar. This pastry is only made in the Calvados region and is our favourite way to start the day.



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Every Norman family has its own recipe of this sweet cinnamon rice pudding– though this dish is originally Spanish. Legend has it that, in the 17th century, the Normans raided a Spanish ship, which contained rice pudding. They sneakily tasted it and loved it so much that they decided to replicate it. This creamy dessert can nowadays be found in most local bakeries and farmer’s markets.
Trou Normand

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Le “Trou Normand” (or the Norman hole) is a culinary tradition, which consists of eating apple sorbet drenched in Calvados between the starter and the main. For those who aren’t familiar with Calvados, it’s a local apple brandy.


Camembert au Calvados

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Do you love cheese? Imagine a Camembert soaked in Calvados for about two days. Check out our recipe here. #DrunkCheese

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