In this region of the world, it is very difficult to completely differentiate cuisines. Some dishes, such as hummus, are being claimed by most countries of the Levant –which makes it practically impossible to categorize. If you head to a Lebanese restaurant in London or even in Beirut, chances are some dishes on the menu aren’t traditionally Lebanese. Same goes to Turkish restaurants, or any other country from the region, for that matter.

So after quite a bit of research, here are 4 dishes that appear to be Syrian.


Mortadella Hallabiye: This intriguing dish from Aleppo mixes fine ground beef with garlic, spices, pine nuts, and pistachios – and the lot is sometimes stuffed with boiled eggs. The mixture is rolled like a thick sausage, boiled in water and vinegar and is served sliced.

 Photo credit: fatafeat.com


Kbeibat : These boiled dumplings are a real delight. They are made of bulgur and are stuffed with herbs, spiced raw meat and onions. The rolls are then boiled in water and served warm. Those made by pros in the kitchen have a bit of juice inside and are delicious.

 Photo credit: antoniotahhan.com


Kabab bil Karaz – This lip-smacking dish is a specialty in Aleppo. Mince meatballs are cooked with spices and small sour cherries from Syria for that wonderful sweet and salty taste! The combo is served on bread with pine nuts and parsley.

Photo credit: usedyorkcity.com


Kibbeh Bi-safarjaliyeh – There are about 60 kinds of Kibbeh in Aleppo alone. This one though, is quite special. Imagine quince cooked with meat, tomato juice and pomegranate juice. Now doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Photo credit: orangeblossomwater.net 

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Stay tuned to find out about the land’s most delicious dishes, desserts and much more.


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