4 Unusual Restaurant Menus

Restaurant menus are usually pretty standard: a sheet or a booklet featuring starters, mains and desserts. Some are of course bigger than others (we’re looking at you and your bible of a menu Cheesecake Factory!) but most look like what you’d expect… except for these 4.


The iPad menu at Stacked in California


Thanks to the iPads on each table, you can order burgers, pizzas and salads. All you need to do is select kind of bread, meat, toppings or dressing you would like to get with just a swipe. Your order is then directly sent to the kitchen!


The menu on a vending machine in Japan


In Japan, it’s quite common to have vending machines in front of restaurants where diners can place their orders. This allows the whole service to go much faster AND helps patrons protect themselves against sneaky customers who try to leave without paying. The only down side? You need to make up your mind fast ‘cause others are waiting behind to order as well!


The emoji menu at The Yellow Little Door in London

This London restaurant has challenged its customers by translating its menu into emojis. Cocktails and dishes are ranked by level of difficulty and customers actually need to whatsapp the emojis to be able to place their order (they have free wifi for tourists – obv).


Here is just an example of their cocktail’s list – try and guess what those are!

Answer: Sex on the Beach, Porn Star, Long Island Iced Tea, Old Fashioned, Sea Breeze, Screw Driver, Bloody Mary


The evocatif menu at The Little Red Door in Paris


This trendy bar has a really original drinks menu made of 11 creative cocktails. The head barman, Rémy Savage, asked 11 international artists to each try one of his cocktails and to draw what or how they felt whilst they were drinking it and tada! Now good luck guessing what’s on the menu…

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