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5 Dishes to try in The Heights in Houston

I’ve been spending more and more time in The Heights lately and thought I’d recommend my absolute favourite dishes to have in the neighbourhood (which let’s be honest is a collection of many neighbourhoods, so quite hard to navigate and narrow down)!

Here are the 5 dishes I’d have no problem cancelling my plans for in The Heights:



Trio of Dips ($12) from Helen in the Heights

Available for lunch, brunch and dinner, this vegetable focused trio of Mediterranean dips makes the perfect start to a meal as it’s not only healthy but it’s also full of flavour. It comes either served with Kalamata olives, vegetables or grilled bread and I highly recommend the latter as it’s perfectly chargrilled (check out the checkered toast!) and crispy. I particularly loved their aubergine dip, but I do love my aubergine, especially when it’s mixed with lots of flavourful olive oil. Dips change depending on the day, so do inquire!

Ps: From the semolina pancakes with whipped Greek yogurt and spiced honey ($13) to the perfectly cooked omelette of the day ($11), the rest of Helen’s brunch menu is also incredibly tasty!



U-10 Scallops ($26) from Calle Onze

Courtesy of Calle Onze

These babies are served pan seared with masa gnocchi, cream corn, pork belly, chicharron, queso fresco and peppers coulis. They’re perfectly cooked and are incredibly mouth-watering. I remember thinking that the only thing wrong with them was that there wasn’t enough.



Spaghetti, black pepper, Parmesan and Olive oil ($13) from Coltivare

These Cacio e pepe spaghetti are one of the best ones I’ve ever had (and I’ve had them in quite a few places in Rome, where this dish comes from). They are insanely cheesy and peppery (so if you don’t like one of the two, then you definitely won’t like these). They’re not exactly light though, and the portion is pretty big but if you’re a fan like I am, you’ll finish the bowl in no time.

I recommend enjoying these al fresco in the restaurant’s back garden, by the vegetable garden with a glass of wine, because wine not!



2 dishes from Blackbird Izakaya

Ever since I discovered this place about 6 months ago, I’ve been completely obsessed. There are 2 specific dishes that I crave from here, which means I just keep having to go back.


Foie ika Nigiri ($6 a piece)

Pan-seared foie gras on top of a squid nigiri? Yes please! I mean, if this doesn’t sound like an orgasmic amuse bouche to you, then please tell me what does? I could literally order 10 pieces for myself, but then I wouldn’t have any room left for this next dish.


Carbonara di Uni ($15.25)

These sea urchin spaghetti carbonara are genuinely my new favourite thing. I love this mixture of flavours and textures as the sea urchin is served cool on top of warm and creamy carbonara pasta – which is such an unusual blend. I very much recommend this dish to anyone in the area! #CantGetEnough

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