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Instagram has become a new playground for foodies. If you’re eating out, someone around you will most probably be snapping a picture of their food to instantly upload it (#InstaFood). If you’re an insta-foodie yourself, then you’ve possibly explored the different hashtags the app has to offer – but have you noticed these five?



We’re pretty sure that the electronics company Apple Inc. hadn’t anticipated hashtags when it chose its name. Foodies and iFans have to share #Apple on Instagram –which features everything from portrait of Steve Jobs to photos of apple pies.



Have you ever innocently posted a picture of an eggplant dish on Instagram and tried to hashtag it accordingly? If so, you’ve probably noticed that #Eggplant singular no longer exists, and #eggplants plural is full of penises. Thank god for #Aubergine.



For some obscure reason, #pickles is filled with pictures of Selena Gomez on Instagram. The singer is apparently a big fan of the vegetable, and therefore fans have allocated its hashtag to her.



Understandably enough, #caviar features photographs of a number of luxurious items, including designer handbags, shoes, watches and diamonds. While pictures of actual caviar can also be spotted, they’re not the main star.



You just sampled some lip-smacking frog legs, with lemon and garlic (let’s make this hypothetical delicious) and want to upload a picture on Instagram. By hashtagging it appropriately, you’ll notice that most of the pictures are of dogs and humans squatting or hand-standing in the frog leg position.

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