Ever since the cronut, food hybrids have become the hippest dish of the moment. While some seem incredibly weird, not to say disgusting (we’re referring to you, Chocolate Éclair Hotdog), others make us drool with lust.

Here are 5 we’d seriously like to bite into.

Burger + Croque Madame → Croque Van Damme

First of all, we simply love the name of this sandwich, which was invented by Porn Burger blogger Mathew Ramsey. While we’re not too sure what Claude van Damme has to do with it, we must say that it looks absolutely exquisite. Who wouldn’t want country ham, Parmesan bechamel and a runny fried duck egg to top their Belgian liege waffle burger? Genius.


Pizza + Burger → PizzaBurger

Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar has created a monster: a half-pound burger wrapped in a pizza stuffed with cheese, tomato sauce and bacon. Combining two of America’s favourite dishes seemed like a safe bet to the restaurant, and we must say that it oddly looks quite appetizing.


Croissant + Bagel → The Cragel

Invented by The Bagel Store in NYC, the cragel is most probably the cronut’s biggest competitor. The pastry is 50% bagel and 50% croissant and is rumoured to be pretty damn good.


Ramen + Burger → Ramen-burger

As we previously mentioned in our 4 dishes on our to-try-before-2014-ends List post, we’ve been dying to dig into a ramen-burger. Invented by Keizo Shimamoto, this interesting dish uses compressed ramen noodles instead of a bun, and is probably –together with the cronut– one of the most wonderful food hybrids to date.


Ramen + Donut → Ramnut

While many might not feel enticed to taste this one, we strangely find it appealing. Its creator, a 21-year-old UCLA student named Josh Scherer who runs Culinary Bro-Down blog, told ABC News that “it had a flavour profile really similar to rice pudding, and a texture like kugel”. Tempted?

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