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Our House of Cards marathon has sadly just ended. While we’ve learned to never ever (everrrrrrrr) consider a career in politics, the show has also taught us a few things about food.


Real Men Eat Ribs

In the first episode of House of Cards season 1, we see Frank Underwood devouring ribs –for breakfast (!!)– at his favourite spot, Freddy’s BBQ Joint, held by his friend Freddy Hayes who opens the place whenever Frank craves the meat. Frank visits the joint countless times in the first season. Ribs became insanely popular in big cities after House of Cards first hit our laptop screens in 2013 and men felt empowered when eating them –thinking (and that’s the key word in this sentence) they were as important as the future president.


Powerful men constantly drink coffee

As it helps them stay awake. “I’ve always loathed the necessity of sleep. Like death, it puts even the most powerful men on their backs” – Frank Underwood


Vodka can be fucking expensive

To thank his hosts, Russian president Viktor Petrov gifts them a series of bottles of a vodka, called Obosaya Sayanska, which apparently cost $750,000 / bottle. The bottles are incased in solid gold, which might explain the torturous price. Although such a vodka doesn’t actually exist, it was supposedly inspired by RussoBaltique, one of the world’s most expensive vodkas.


Russians have a specific way of drinking vodka

President Petrov lets the guests know how Russian drink their vodka:

  1. A short toast is made.
  2. Drink!
  3. Sniff the bread.
  4. Say, “Nu” (“So”), then whistle.
  5. Exhale loudly, sniff your shirt sleeve.
  6. Eat the pickle.
  7. Repeat the ritual 2 or 3 times and then take a break.

Why all this, you may ask? Apparently it’s to avoid getting TOO drunk. Sniffing the bread helps you soak up alcohol while the salt and acid found in the pickle act as alcohol neutralizers. We’re not too sure about the whistling nor the sleeve sniffing though.


Americans are all about hangover cures

While the Russians try to prevent them, Americans prefer to treat them. Following the night of heavy drinking with the Russians, Seth –the President’s Director of Communications– tells Underwood to drink a raw egg with tomato juice, as it’ll make him feel better.


Men from the south eat their peanuts boiled

Like a true southerner, Underwood offers Supreme Court Justice Jacobs some boiled peanuts. Apparently, the peanuts shown in that episode (season 3, episode 4) weren’t boiled but shucked. Boiled peanuts –which should be rinsed in cool water for 30 minutes and then boiled in salty water for 4 hours– should have a texture similar to a cooked dry bean.


There’s nothing that says” “Forgive me” like stocking a fridge

When Doug returns home from the hospital, the Underwoods thank him for his service (and indirectly ask him to keep his mouth shut) by stocking his fridge with tasty looking healthy snacks. He seems pleased –but that soon changes (as the fridge empties out, we suspect). They should’ve gotten him a weekly subscription. #Duh


Alcohol can be injected

After his “accident” (and unsaid layoff), Doug isn’t able to keep up with his sobriety. To make sure he doesn’t fully give in to alcoholism, he everyday injects a single shot of alcohol into his system.


Bonus: Did you know that the show’s creator, Beau Willimon, is “Annoyed by Food”. He actually said, ‘ “I wish I could have a little brick that I could consume in 30 seconds, and that would be my meal for the day.”


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