A Short Guide to Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington is filled with places which people call their local. You can be sure that 90% of the people who open shop in the area are from Stokey. While it’s not the most accessible neighbourfood, it’s turning into quite the culinary destination and god knows how we’re willing to travel anywhere for food.

Here are our 3 favourite spots in the area:



You’ll always feel welcomed at Andi’s and might even be greeted by Andi and Kelly themselves, two old friends who want to share their love for food. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have cake, coffee and cocktails available throughout the day, meaning you can take your sweet time and sit in their secret garden full of fairy lights and wisteria – if weather permits.

Their menu changes seasonally but always mentions the small producers they work with, like the Rinkoff Jewish bakery for instance, which provides fresh cronuts, or Cindy’s Tea which offers different herbal teas depending on your mood.

The food here is full of flavours and personality. Andy’s homemade salt beef Reuben sandwich (£9.75) is incredibly juicy and tasty and is a real must to start your day, but we’ll definitely be coming back to try their creative cocktails and evening food (we got our eyes on the slow roast wild garlic honey and shoyu glazed pork belly, jalapeño brocoli stalks and crackling – £16,75). ❤️



Serving Italian dishes with some British flavours, WOLF makes us happy. Their beautiful interior with marble tables and velvet turquoise seats next to a plant wall can only mean one thing: this place is Instagram-friendly (and we’re all for it).

Food is equally beautiful. Head chef, Karla Knowles (formerly at Petersham Nurseries), creates seasonal anti pasti and secondis, as well as handmade pasta. Just mentioning their Peroni batter deep fried lamb chops (£12) and creamed aubergine tonnarelli (£13.5) makes our mouth water.

Their italian wine-list is also a winner and so are their cocktails, which tend to include home-infused spirits.
What we truly recommend though is their brunch menu. Their polenta pancakes (£6.5) and fennel sausage with deep fried (!!) eggs (£10) are truly tasty. A cheeky bottomless is available for £20 during a two hour time limit, so that should cover 4 or 5 drinks. Not bad, ey?

Thanks to the owner, Antony and his team Luca, Phoebe, Linzi and co., WOLF is always buzzing and totally worth the trip if you aren’t a local!



Set in a former garage with large communal tables and big glass doors, Primeur is clearly the cool kid on the block.

We initially thought the restaurant’s name had something to do with Primeurs (fruit and vegetable suppliers) but others online mention a reference to wine. Investors buy young casks of wine ‘en primeur’, years before it’s bottled, in the hopes that the contents will mature into something delicious. Either way, we’re digging its name.

The menu features a large list of sharing plates, listed by price, which makes it hard to understand where starters end and mains begin.
Nevertheless, their sharing plates are all beautiful and their wines are all absolutely divine and are chosen to perfectly pair everything they serve.
Menus do change daily but their Instagram is always up to date.


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