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Alice Blue: Our New Favourite Restaurant in The Heights, Houston

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When I first saw this restaurant’s name, I immediately thought of Alice in Wonderland but that’s not what inspired this eatery, owned by Claire Smith. Located in The Heights, Alice Blue was named after a shade of blue (which can be found throughout the restaurant’s interior) that apparently became popular in the 1920s because it was the favourite colour of Alice Roosevelt Longworth (the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt).


They say that blue is the warmest colour, and Alice Blue does indeed exude a lot of warmth. The interior is very trendy and inviting and the front of house team is incredibly sweet and attentive. I particularly appreciated chef Brandi Key, the restaurant’s operating partner and culinary director, who served us each dish and described what inspired her.

The menu here is simple, delicious and filled with classic dishes, because Brandi believes in perfecting classics. I have to say that I agree with her. Nowadays restaurants do everything to be innovative, but nothing really beats a well-executed classic, because let’s not forget that a classic dish is a dish that was once considered inventive but that worked and over the years became a staple.


From the devilled eggs filled with Dijon egg yolk with pickled mustard seeds, espelette and chervil ($6) to the steamed whole artichoke with garlic butter, lemon aioli and ciabatta bread ($12), I genuinely enjoyed every single dish that I tried (and I had quite a few..)!

My absolute favourite though had to be the house-made Agnolotti pasta filled with sweet corn alongside crispy balls of crab in a divine lemon butter sauce (which I shamefully found myself licking off the plate) with mint and bottarga ($19). I have honestly been craving this dish ever since I tried it last week.

Another winner is their pork belly “Burnt Ends” which is twice cooked pork belly (smoked and fried), served in this incredible sweet corn butter with braised swiss chard and apple cider honey ($11). My idea of wonderland.


Favourite dish:Agnolotti pasta filled with sweet corn and crispy crab in a divine lemon butter sauce with mint and bottarga ($19)


Favourite cocktail:Smoke & Flower, gracias a dios mexcal, st germain and grapefruit ($10)


Happy hour: Daily 3-6pm, cocktails and wine glasses priced at $6

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