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We don’t know about you, but when we think of bizarre coffee shops, Amsterdam (and its legal weed activities) jumps to mind. But believe it or not, the world is filled with odd cafés. Here are some we’d like (or would’ve liked) to visit.


The Sweatshop – Paris, France.

Do you like stitching things together? This Parisian café –which is sadly now closed– used to include sewing machines on each table making sure customers could mix coffee and crafts!


Grand View Café –Vassalboro, Maine, USA.

You might call us pervs, but can you honestly say you wouldn’t enjoy drinking a cup of coffee while admiring topless waitresses? Well unfortunately, it’s no longer an option as this place has closed down in 2011 due to a zoning violation.


Mahika Mano – Tokyo, Japan


Does drinking coffee on a hammock sound like heaven to you? This relaxing coffee shop is filled with them!


Cat cafés – all over the world

Having originated in Taiwan, the café Neko (which means cat in Japanese) quickly made it to Tokyo to then end up… everywhere (from Dubai, Montreal and Austria to The Bahamas). Its concept: pay a cover charge (usually for an hour) to play with cats while drinking your coffee! Once cat cafés became a thing, Japan also opened goat cafés, owl coffee shops, penguin bars and bunny cafés.

No Zoophiles allowed.


Maid Cafés – all over Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Hungary, France, Mexico, USA

Maid Cafés –which were originally designed for manga and anime fans– are spots where waitresses are dressed in old-school maid costumes and treat customers like masters or mistresses. The service is so good that in some cafés, the “maid” will actually spoon-feed you.


Disaster café – Lloret de Mar, Spain

Some people actually pay to feel the terrifying experience of an earthquake. Here, an elevator will take you to a cave-like diner where the staff’s wearing construction helmets and plates are unusually heavy. Don’t get too cosy though, as before you know it, a simulated 7.8 earthquake will strike.


Pay it forward – South Carolina, USA

At Pay it forward, everyone pays for everyone else’s drink. It all began in 2010 at another small coffee shop owned by the same guy (Josh Cooke), when a woman paid $100 extra, asking to pay for everyone else’s order behind her in the line until the money ran out. Every two months, she’d come back and do the same. The word spread, and many others took inspiration. Apparently some people don’t even buy anything, but just leave money for others. We know where we’re heading if shit hit’s the fan…


Dreamy Camera café – South Korea

When the view is picturesque, most people will whip their camera out. At Dreamy Camera Café, they’ll step into one instead.


Iglo Light Café – Sweden

Founded in 2004, this incredibly bright UV-lighted spot ensures that customers remain happy, even during the darker months of the year.


Ogori Café – Japan

At this mystery meal café, you will receive whatever the customer before you ordered while your own order will go to the person behind you in line. #StandBehindTheFatGuy

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