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Extreme Makeover: The Cheese Edition

You’re probably thinking why on earth would we add anything to cheese? It’s already perfect as it is. But since “wine & cheese” dinner parties are getting trendier as we grow older, here are a few ways to pimp up your cheese platter –other than adding grapes and jam– to impress your friends.

Spicy Honey

  1. Chop a handful of fresh chillies
  2. Throw them in a jar of honey
  3. And let it rest for at least 24 hours

You’ll get a delicious spicy honey that perfectly complements soft or hard goat cheese. Drizzle it over and add bits of chillies to make it more colourful while bringing that extra oomph.

Beer Cheese

Now this recipe comes straight from the Czech Republic.

The original recipe would be to mash some Pivní sýr cheese with your fork; to then mix it with chopped onions, paprika, mustard, small chilli and a shot of beer until smooth.

We understand that Pivní sýr might not be available in your local supermarket, so replace it with any semi-soft cow’s milk cheese. We recommend Havarti if you’re in Denmark, Munster and Port Salut if you’re in France, Limburger if in the Netherlands or Taleggio in Italy.

 “Camembert au Calvados”

Take a good old stinky Camembert and pierce it with a knife on both sides and around the edges.

Put it in a soup dish and sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of Calvados. Cover the cheese with cling film and leave it in the fridge for about 2 days.

Turn it over and add 2-3 extra tablespoons of Calvados, before covering it once more. Wait an extra couple of days to make it even tastier.

We’ve also been told that Blue cheese goes well with caramel, but we can’t confirm this last one. Can you?


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