If you’re a real foodie, then you probably plan your entire life around food – including your holidays (or maybe that’s just us!). Either way, here are 4 culinary escapades that you should definitely add to your to-do list.


Seven Stars Train – Japan 


Most foodies will agree that Japanese food is the shit. Now imagine exploring the island of Kyushu on a luxurious train while devouring delicious local treats served on delicate porcelain or in bamboo boxes? Yep – it sounds like a dream. You may want to keep this one for your honeymoon though as it isn’t cheap. #MarryaFoodie  


Fäviken – Swedish Hike  


You know something’s a bit fishy when you press, “getting there” on a restaurant’s webpage and they give you their GPS coordinates instead of an address. This sumptuous Michelin-starred restaurant is supposedly located in the middle of nowhere. You can either get there by car, train, air, or –our favourite– make the trek. It has six sparse twin bedrooms above it and a sauna. The food is supposedly divine ­– but make sure to get there by 7pm as the chef likes things to start on time and might refuse to serve you if you arrive any later.


Taste Lebanon


Lebanon offers one of the best cuisines in the world and the lovely people behind Taste Lebanon will take you to the most delicious hidden gems. From daily food tours of Beirut to 7-day food treks across six different regions, including Beirut, Batroun, Tripoli, the North, Mount Lebanon and Ba’albeck – foodies can choose the right outing for them. #ComeHungry


Winefoodearth – Italy


Have you ever wanted to go truffle hunting? Thanks to Winefoodearth, you’ll be able to do that and much more in Molise. This beautiful region of Southern Italy is filled with delicious vineyard and magnificent food. From learning how to to make carne e patate sotto la coppa to indulging in tasty treats, you’ll be introduced to the local way of life.

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