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Going to the museum is always fulfilling but walking around while soaking up some culture somehow always leave us a little hungry. Thankfully for us, most museums have restaurants. While we can’t tell you which New York museum showcases the best art, we can tell you which ones have the tastiest restaurants. #WeHaveDifferentPriorities


The Modern at MOMA

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At The Modern you can choose to savour the Michelin star or not. From the buzzing Bar Room to the quiet Dining Room, both sides serve delicious – but pricey – dishes. The French menu changes regularly, “Because food is life. And life does not stand still.

Picture: Herb roasted chicken with leek gribiche  ($28)


The M. Wells Dinette at MOMA PS1

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What used to be M. Wells diner in Queens turned into a dinette in Long Island. Imagine a classroom where you can drink wine and eat a bone marrow with escargot ($12) on your desk. That’s definitely our kind of school. The chef comes from Québec and is all about that “farm-to-table” philosophy we love.


Untitled at The Whitney Museum

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Walking into this brand new Renzo Piano designed restaurant feels like walking into a very contemporary untitled art piece. The airy space and its light, seasonal menu (which includes a majority of vegetarian dishes, like the Shaved Asparagus, Turnips, and Mizuna for $7) make the perfect setting to meditate.


El Café at El Museo del Bario

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For a less upscale option, El Museo del Barrio’s coffee shop sells some pretty solid burritos ($7), Jamaican jerk chicken ($10) and Cuban Mariquitas ($4). It makes sense that a museum dedicated to Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and Latin American art, would offer such pretty, colourful dishes.

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