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Detox Plan in 5 steps

January: the perfect time for a fresh new start, but every year it’s the same drill. You start with a detox all the while dry januarin’ and going to the gym. But then, one day around the second or third week of January, after having a really bad day, your friend calls and asks if you’d like to go for a drink and you give it all up in one second. But not this year! It’s time to stay strong.

Here are a few ways to make the process more fun.


Ve-ganuary at The Mount Street Deli 

 Mont deli

The Mount Street Deli is known to serve delicious, hearty dishes. But, in January, Chef Kayleane has cracked the whip and come up with a full vegan menu for those intending on sticking to their New Year’s health kick resolution. Each day, there will be a selection of vegan dishes on the menu as well as the usual meat, fish and salad dishes. The likes of vegetarian moussaka; Mexican bean mole; cauliflower, spinach and chickpea curry; vegetarian shepherd’s pie; and baked sweet potato with chickpea ratatouille sauce will take centre stage for Vegan-uary.


Detox Menu at Le Caprice – between £22 and £28

 Le Caprice

January is always a battle of wills. Le Caprice won this January. Head Chef, Will has been working hard on his new January detox menu and the results are seriously tasty. All the usual suspects are in there – quinoa, kale, linseed, labneh, pomegranate, wheatgrass, and the list goes on. The skill is in how he’s put them together. A choice of 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts. And, if you arrive at Le Caprice for lunch or dinner and the willpower fails you, the A La Carte is bursting with rather too tempting dishes, which may lure you off the righteous path… Bannockburn rib eye with pommes allumettes and Béarnaise anyone?!


Detox Dumplings at Mango Tree

mangoTreeat 15.35.00

Who doesn’t like dumplings? Exactly. The Thai restaurant has introduced a detox dumpling menu so you can still have hearty food without feeling too guilty.

The inventive chefs at Mango Tree have come up with a menu that features beneficial ingredients including baby spinach pastry with truffle edamame dumplings, as spinach is packed full of vitamins, protein and fibre which makes it one of the best ‘superfoods’ as each mouthful contains so many good properties. There’s also black rice and vegetable dumplings, with black rice being the only rice that contains beneficial antioxidant anthocyanin AND vitamin E, which is important in maintaining eye, skin, and immune health. And then there’s quinoa fresh rolls with Thai dipping sauce. Quinoa has understandably become quite the star in recent year, being one of the few plant foods that contains all nine essential amino acids.


Facegym at Bluebird – £6



Planning on going to a pilates class at Lomax, or doing some KO-boxing? Make sure to stop by Bluebird for a post-workout treat and grab a “Facegym” mocktail. It’s full of ingredients designed to enhance your complexion and skin tone, like the Glorious Greens with muddled cucumber – perfect for that smug, ‘I’ve just been to the gym’ glow.


Yoga Cookery Class at the Avenue Cookery School – £85


Thanks to our friends at Tabl we are now aware of this great course. You’ll be able to feel super zen and confident while cooking after an entire hour of yoga followed by a three-hour cookery masterclass on clean cooking, using sustainable produce. Might be a bit pricey but you can’t put a price on health!

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