Before we begin, we should get one thing straight: Highbury is much more than just Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. Located somewhere between Islington and Finsbury, this beloved neighbourhood is full of hidden gems. So please do yourself a favour: next time you get out of Highbury & Islington station, turn left.

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Le Pêché Mignon
6 Ronalds Rd
London N5 1XH
0207 607 1826


We’ve previously recommended this local bakery for its baguette but you should know that this French team also serves fresh food for breakfast and lunch as well as snacks throughout the day (but do come before they close at 6pm sharp #35Heures).

Their menu includes quiches (£4.75), toasts, sandwiches (£4.40), soups, salads, any kind of eggs (£6.50 to 7.50) and a special “Plat du Jour” for that French touch.


105 Holloway Road,
London N7 8LT


These guys take coffee extremely seriously and they also happen to sell excellent fresh sandwiches. If you’re looking for a spacious, bright place to bring your laptop and get some work done (or check facebook) – you’ll fit right in. They also have a garden for those rare sunny days.


Highbury Arts Club
73 Highbury Park,
London N5 1UA
07826 899499


Opened by two Spanish chefs, this cosy little café turns into a cute bar at night. Their Spanish breakfast is delicious (£7.50), and so is their coffee. At night, order from their selection of tasty tapas (like the Mushroom croquette for £4.50), affordable wine and scrumptious desserts. And since they stay true to their name, they also host music concerts.


Prawn on the Lawn
220 Saint Paul’s Road,
London N1 2LL
0203 302 8668


This is –by far– our favourite spot in the area. Unlike any other fishmonger, this beautiful shop also has a few stools available to enjoy some tasty fishy plates and great wine. Their short menu will take you around the world in just a few dishes. From their scallop ceviche (£9) and monkfish & chorizo stew (£9) to their seared tuna with chilli and coriander (£8.5), everything is exquisite.

The welcoming staff also organises classes if you want to improve your seafood cooking skills or learn how to shuck oysters. If you’re in the neighbourhood, definitely come here. If you’re not, get your arse on the tube (or Uber) ASAP.


La Fromagerie
30 Highbury Park
London N5 2AA
0207 359 7440


We strongly believe that this is the best cheesemonger in town. Their cheese room is stocked with a pretty impressive selection. If you get too overwhelmed or simply need a hand, the friendly staff will help you out. Make sure to also take a seat at their café, where they serve charcuterie, baked goods and wine.


PieBury Corner
209-211 Holloway Road,
London N7 8DL
0207 700 5441


Piebury is not only devoted to Highbury but to Arsenal too. This is the best spot to grab a bite before a game. Their menu includes gourmet savoury & sweet pies, generous portioned sides and a wide selection of real ales and lagers. Their taste in music is pretty damn good too.

If you bump into the owner, you’ll notice that he’s a chatty guy but hang in tight as he’s got quite the Scottish accent.


Desh Indian
78 Highbury Park,
London N5 2XE
020 7359 3444


Londoners understandably love their BYOBs. This hole-in-the-wall definitely won’t break your piggy bank. Grab a bottle (or two) at the numerous wine shops nearby and get ready to unbutton those pants, as you’re in for some delicious pig-out time.

Everyone has their favourite Indian dish but we usually go for their Lamb Passanda (£6.45) with some Saag Paneer Cheese & spinach (£2.45) and loads of garlic Naan (£1.70).


Kuriya Keiko
Studio 7, The Studios Islington,
6 Hornsey Street,
London N7 8GR
0207 607 3844


To open a successful restaurant you need to serve good food and have a friendly, competent staff. Kuriya Keiko has it all but still seems to be lacking customers. Hidden behind an apartment complex, on a pedestrian alley with practically no traffic, this very industrial-looking restaurant is not an obvious spot. Unfortunately for them, location is key in the hospitality industry.

The menu changes regularly and seems to be quite traditional, with dishes like sushi, gyoza (£5), Udon soup (£8.50) or Katsu Don (£9.50). The food, made by a single woman (Keiko?), is fresh and served in very copious portions.

If you’re around, don’t miss out on Kuriya Keiko’s hearty food. It’s truly worth the detour.

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