After having had the pleasure of sharing a meal with Mubarak and his family in Oman –where we devoured a whole goat that was buried in the sand, slow-cooked for 12 hours and served with sumptuous biryani rice – we learned a new skill: eating rice with our hand. In Oman, it is the tradition to eat on the floor, from a shared platter (diners do not get a plate, but a section from a shared dish) only using the right hand (as stated in the Koran, the left should be kept clean, to drink or grab things, as it’s the “dirty” hand that you’re supposed to use in the bathroom).

While eating rice with one hand may seem extremely tricky (our own first reaction was of panic), it’s actually not that hard.

Here are the simple steps to follow – (we’ve had to recreate the moment as our own hands were pretty dirty at the time).

Step 1: Grab a semi hand-full of rice with your right hand

Step 2: Massage the rice into a ball

Step 3: Push the ball upwards with your thumb

Step 4: Insert it in your mouth – Bon Appetit!


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