EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS: 3 cuisines you should be eating in 2015

Do you often end up eating burgers, pizzas or sushi? The world is filled with delicious foods and yet some of us always seem to order the usual. It’s time to branch out. Make 2015 a year of discovery and broaden your horizons with these three delicious cuisines.



Georgian cuisine came to our attention last year when we stumbled upon the picture above. Who wouldn’t want to try this delicious looking cheesy dish called Khachapuri adjaruli? Other must-try dishes include badrijani (fried eggplants stuffed with walnuts and garlic), chkmeruli (garlic chicken) and pelamushi (sweet grape pudding).

Eat Georgian

-In London:
@ Little Georgia (2 locations)
Tamada in St John’s Wood
Iberia in Islington
@ Tbilisi in Highbury 

-In NYC:
@ Old Tbilisi Garden on Bleecker Street
@ Oda House in the East Village



Ethiopian food includes spicy meat dishes and an array of tasty vegetables. Diners are meant to use injera (a spongy sourdough flatbread) as cutlery to pick up bites and exclusively eat with their right hand. Wat (stews) are filled with red onions, chilli and butter infused with ginger, garlic and other spices. These stews are either served with meat, or made as a vegetarian dish with lentils, carrot, potatoes or cabbage.

Kitfo and gored gored are the spicy Ethopian version of a steak tartare. No raw eggs are included, but a very spicy sauce is drizzled on the meat instead.

We also recommend that you try Tibs, which is the country’s version of a fajita only eaten on special occasions but found on every Ethiopian menu abroad. And drink some Tej (a thick honey wine, which has an orange blossom lightness) to finish off your meal!

Eat Ethopian

 -In London:
@ Zeret Kitchen in South London
@ Abyssinia in Kilburn
@ Kobeb in North London

-In New York
Awash (3 locations)



Seeing as the Philippines consist of over 7,000 islands, the Filipino cuisine can only be described as fusion. It is consequently impossible to answer the question “what’s Filipino cuisine?” Every island cooks with different flavours and spices, and takes elements from Malaysian and Chinese gastronomy mixed with Spanish influences left over from the colonial days.

Dishes we recommend you sample are: Sinigang (a hot and sour soup with tamarind, lime and creamy coconut milk), Cassava cake (creamy coconut milk and cassava root cake), Sizzling pork Sisig (pork parts cooked with chives, onions, citrus and an egg), Biko (sweet sticky rice) and Pancit (the Filipino version of pad Thai).

Eat Filipino

-In London:
Lutong Pinoy Filipino in Earl’s Court
Cirilo Noodle Bar & Grill in Aldgate East

-In New York:
Ihawan in Queens
Jeepney in East Village
Purple Yam in Brooklyn

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