Pairing food with specific drinks might sound a bit snob, but we all do it. Whether it’s cheese with red wine, cookies & milk or pizza and beer, we all have our favourite.

A few restaurateurs have decided to explore these pairings further. Here are the unusual combos they’ve discovered.

Hot Dog and Champagne

This “The Lady and the Tramp” pair was 2014’s hottest couple.

If you’re a Londoner, you’ve probably already heard of Bubbledog: a restaurant in Fitzrovia that serves gourmet hot dogs with fine bubbles. Chef James Knappett explains that the best combination is “greasy, spicy, salty meatiness with an ice-cold glass of refreshing bubbles. Hot dogs with beer (also with bubbles), champagne with caviar (also salty and oily), equals … CHAMPAGNE AND HOT DOGS!” Should we expect a caviar and beer restaurant to open soon? #YesPlease


Garlic and Vodka

At Garlic & Shots –a restaurant based in London, Stockholm and Palma– every dish comes with garlic. 100 types of infused vodka and garlic beer are also on the menu. (Not recommended for first dates).


Cheese and Tea

We absolutely love downing some good old red wine while munching on some cheese. Recently though, we’ve noticed that cheese is starting to get coupled with tea. Tea-growing regions aren’t the biggest cheese producers, which might explain why we haven’t seen this pair before– but we’re willing to put the wine away and give it a try.

Even Joel Robuchon got seduced by this duo and decided to create a cheese and tea-pairing menu in his fine dining restaurant in Singapore (which is unfortunately no longer available).


Coffee and Dinner

Breakfast, step aside, Coffee has found a new partner.

Coffee – like wine – is said to taste better when paired correctly with food. Melbourne-based coffee shop owner, Salvatore Malatesta, decided to run a series of dinners in St Ali Café. “We ran 12 dinners at $150/head using five different brewing techniques and eight different coffees accompanied by eight dishes,” he says. “I was blown away by the response. The only problem was that people couldn’t sleep,” he adds with a laugh. “Next time we’ll have to run them at lunchtime.”


Chocolate and Rum

If cigars aren’t really your thing, but you’re looking for a Caribbean mix, then you should try Rum and Chocolate. With chocolate liquor and liquor filled chocolates on the market, this pairing might not be the most unusual. But it works.


Oysters and Absinthe

Forget champagne, as oysters & absinthe are the new “it” couple.

Apparently when you mix an aphrodisiac with a spirit once thought to cause madness, the result is quite surprising. Maison Premiere in Brooklyn offers around 30 oysters and 20 types of absinthes, for you to experience the pleasurable side effects.

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