Despite that food and fashion are both a necessity, we have to admit that we wouldn’t really pair them together, (clearly “fooshion” sounds somewhat off).

Berlin-based designer Beatrice Oettinger has been combining both by making clothing with seeds, beans, grains and honey since 2006. Others have clearly gone overboard: like Lady Gaga and her meat dress in 2011 or a fashion student at Bath Spa University who made a whole line of dresses entirely of cheese.

Food has become so “in” that top fashion labels have acquired their very own restaurant, including Armani, Bulgari, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Versace.

Has food become the new fashion?

Milan Fall/Winter 2009 – Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Agatha knows it. The Spanish designer has crafted a peculiar baguette hat (or is it a sausage?) for her devotees to wear.

For the 2010 holiday season, the fashion store Barneys decorated the windows with likes of well-known chefs like Guy Fieri, Daniel Boulud and Anthony Bourdain, stuffing their faces and celebrating as we imagine they would.

For its 2012 digital campaign, Harrods invaded its renowned Food Halls

with women laying on the Caviar and Seafood Bar,

men eating at the “local” pizzeria (since when has squashing figs become so manly?)

and kids enjoying the Candy Store in Toy Kingdom (lucky).

In 2013, Korean artist Yeonju Sung created what she calls “wearable food” (or as we like to call it edible clothes), made out of fresh vegetables.

That same year, The New York Magazine commissioned Will Coton to publish an entire fashion issue based on candy clothes inspired by Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Dior.


Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 was practically a food expo. You know food is in the spotlight when all the big names use it in their collections.

Milan – Moschino

Last summer’s fashion week saw Moschino’s models turn into massive fast food advertising billboards. The message behind a runway full of sexy McDonalds employees, cans of coke and happy meals wasn’t too clear, but some might say it was to raise awareness on poor eating habits.

Paris – Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld showed us that only he could pull off looking fashionable while shopping for groceries: the fashion guru transformed the entire Grand Palais into Chanel’s first luxury hypermarket, the models browsing through the aisles with shopping trollies and baskets.

London – Anya Hindmarch


Her models were all carrying boxes of Kellogg’s or McVities as handbags. What they don’t eat in their kitchens, they carry in their closets.

Istanbul – Tanju Babacan

On this season’s fashion menu was our favourite breakfast food: bacon and eggs. Fried egg chic’s masterpiece was a one-shouldered dress made entirely of fried eggs.

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