Have you ever found yourself wanting to go out for dinner, but not knowing where to go, you end up wasting hours researching restaurants? Join the club.

Over the years, the food app industry has extraordinarily increased to help us save time and make the right choice. But now, we’re faced with a new problem: which apps should we download?

Before we launch the “Don’t Believe in Jet Lag App” (sigh), here are a few we use ourselves and recommend.


A classic. Instead of downloading Yelp do yourself a favour and just use this one. We’ve always trusted Zagat’s food ratings (anything higher than 23 is worth the money). If you’re on the go and looking for a good place to eat, Zagat will locate you and will share its recommendations nearby. It also has this great feed with interesting articles.


Chefs Feed 

Every wondered where your idol chef eats? This app is essentially about chefs recommending    their favourite order at their favourite restaurant.


Unlike City Guides

This app is for the cool international kids. Although it is a Berlin-based company, Unlike represents numerous trendy cities, like Tel Aviv or Sao Paola. Unlike us, they don’t exclusively recommend places on taste but rather on their vibe, atmosphere or level of hipster-ness.



This soon-to-be-launched app is going to save the world. Their motto: good food is a terrible thing to waste. Only available in the US (a country that wastes 40% of its food), it has already partnered up with a few independent coffee shops and bakeries (no leading supermarkets – yet) to help them stop wasting food. They can now sell food they can’t donate because it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for a food shelter pickup, at super-discounted prices to committed consumers.



Talking about not wasting food, BigOven gives you recipe ideas according to the  food you have in your kitchen. You only have Apple juice, flour and garlic? Make Chicken Cacciatore.



Burgerapp (UK)

This one is for the Burger lovers in London. It rates all the burgers in town, shows them on a map, shares the latest burger news (openings, offers and discounts) and useful tips (wine pairing, hidden gems, etc.)!


 MatchBook (UK)

Matchbook is the idea we wished we had (with of course an app developer and a lot of  money). They do not recommend anything, so you need to do your own research. How   is that going to help you? Well, it’s a tool for foodies who already have all the info. All you’ve got to do is save the places you love or want to try and sort them out by category/tag. The app stores them and locates them on a map whenever you’re out. You can also follow your trendy buddy or gourmet neighbour to see what’s on their list.


Evernote Food

The food sub-branch of Evernote (duh) has a couple of features like saving your favourite recipes or even recommending restaurants – but nothing new here. We use it to remember our food. This app helps us organise our “food memories” through pictures and captions that describe dishes, locations and prices. Perfect for our Order of the Week.


Tab (US)

Splitting the bill at the end of a meal is always a pain. The rich mofos will casually expect to split it in half (but they ordered the lobster) and the cheap ones will claim you drank two thirds of the bottle of wine. Tab helps you calculate who owes what in a click (tax and tip included).



If, like us, your photo library is packed with pictures of food with that same angle, then 3DAround will definitely upgrade your Instagram account. This app turns your phone into a 3D scanner. Hit the record button and turn your phone around an object and 3DAround stitches it all together into a mouth-watering 3D image. Genius.

British St Food (UK)

Food trucks are great during street markets, but where are they hiding the rest of the time?  These apps help you locate food trucks and share where they’re heading next. Who wants Korean BBQ tacos?

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