While most of us can agree that food and sex make a great couple, some actually enjoy joining the threesome. There are plenty of people out there who use food in sexual ways.



Sitophilia is the most common food fetishism and refers to people who get turned on by food. There are different forms and levels of practice, but most are referred to as “food play” and consist of:


  • Eating one particular food from someone else’s body (like the classic whipped cream or the body shot). Eating a whole meal off somebody’s naked body can also be seen as erotic (like the Japanese practice of Nyotaimori, which Samantha attempted to do in Sex and the City).


  • Using food to enhance a particular sexual act (ex: Auntie Angel has an unusual blow job technique that involves a grapefruit). This could also technically involve the use of food to enhance genital lubrication (like olive oil).


  • Using food as a method of control and/or flagellation in sadomasochistic activity (like using a massive leek or celery as a whip or the insertion of ginger into the rectum or vagina, called ‘figging’ – check it out on Wikipedia if you find this hard to believe).
    Dominant partners can also choose to control their submissive partner’s eating habits and food intake as a regular part of their sex play. This explains why Christian Grey’s contract had a food section. 

“Food: The Submissive will eat regularly to maintain her health and wellbeing from a prescribed list of foods (Appendix 4). The Submissive will not snack between meals, with the exception of fruit.”

Some dominant partners restrain their submissive partner’s hands, and make them eat from a dish on the floor, which is apparently a massive turn on for those into erotic humiliation.


  • Using food as a masturbatory aid. This may include men having sex with foodstuffs (such as a pumpkin or the famous American Apple Pie), and women using phallic shaped foods as a penis substitute (like cucumbers or bananas). The use of sausages has oddly its own name: Botulinonia.
  • Drinking bodily fluids (such as semen) mixed with other foods or drinks after masturbation. To get a few tips and recipes, please visit cookingwithcum.com


Food Fetishism is not only about Sitophilia and also has other subcategories:

Feederism or Gaining: in which sexual arousal and gratification is obtained via the process of gaining –or helping others gain– body fat.

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Sploshing is a form of Salirophilia, in which individuals experience sexual arousal from dirtying the object of their desire. Sploshers find it intensely stimulating to be covered in wet, messy, food substances, like pudding, syrup or bolognaise. #FoodFightAnyone?

Vorarephilia is (hopefully) the rarest form of food fetishism. It indicates the arousal of eating another person’s body parts. O_o

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