Did your Mother ever tell you that you’d get better grades if you ate fish or a super vision if you ate carrots? #OursDid.

Here’s the truth behind these food myths.

Truth or Lie?


Eating carrots improves your vision 

Carrots are full of beta-carotene ­–a form of vitamin A– which is good for your sight, skin and growth. So yes, carrots are good for your vision but eating them won’t magically improve it. (#MumYouLied!)


Interesting Fact: During WWII, The British Air Ministry used to tell its pilots that eating carrots would help them see (and kill) Nazis during nighttime.


Oysters are an aphrodisiac


While we do hope that your mother never actually told you this, it is a popular belief that oysters have aphrodisiacal powers. Don’t expect a natural Viagra though! While they’re full of zinc, which is linked to the sexual hormone, they don’t affect the libido.

Some people believe that oysters are an aphrodisiac due to their resemblance to parts of the female anatomy. We believe that it’s the white wine that does the trick.


Long-life milk is full of chemicals


It’s only natural to believe that a milk carton, which can sit on your cupboard shelf for months, must be full of preservative – but guess what: that’s not true.

The secret recipe lies in the heating technique. Long-life milk is heated to 135 degrees then quickly cooled, which makes ‘bad’ bacteria perish, while retaining all of the minerals. So long life milk is great as a stand by if you ever run out of fresh milk.


An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


It’s obviously not literally true – otherwise Cancer Research would be a big fat joke. What this metaphor explains is the importance of any fruits (not just apples) in your daily diet. Sounds like it might have been the old version of your five a day.


Drinking Cranberry Juice Can Cure a Urinary Tract Infection


Ladies, this one is for you. It saddens us to announce that downing a box of Ocean Spray while painfully sitting on the toilet will not change a thing. Instead you should visit your doctor and get prescribed antibiotics (these should be available over the counter – we know). An untreated infection can spread to the kidneys (called pyelonephritis), which can make the patient very unwell.

However, there is evidence that regular cranberry juice or cranberry tablets may reduce the risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI) in the first place. Vodka Cranberry might just become our regular drink.


Spicy Foods Cause Ulcers


Considering that a lot of different cultures have been eating spicy foods for quite a while, it is hard to believe that hot chili might be bad for you. What it actually does is disturb a potentially irritable bowel, which is linked to that discomfort you might sometimes feel. So when you say “Oh, that’s ulcer pain”, it’s not. It’s pain from your bowel. #Hypochondriac


Fish is Brain Food


Eating fish has numerous health benefits. It reduces risks of heart disease and stroke (because fish oils are rich in the unsaturated fatty acids known as omega-3s). But it also has specific benefits for the brain, especially in later life, which is also due to omega-3s.

A study from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that eating fish once a week led to a 60% drop in cognitive decline in older people, and significantly reduced the risk of developing conditions such as Alzheimer’s. So Mum was right, after all.

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