While food trucks were first invented in the States at the end of the 19th century, they only became trendy these past few years. As the economy started to tank, these culinary vans began to conquer the world. Opening a restaurant seemed too risky –not to mention too huge of an investment– while starting a food truck remains the safest option to test the waters.

These trucks are now present all over the world and sometimes serve top-notch gourmet food (Zagat has even started to rate them). Here are 6 we would absolutely love to try next time we’re in town!


Thrill Grill – Amsterdam, Netherlands

A food truck, which was commissioned by two Michelin-starred Dutch chef Robert Kranenburg, has got to be worth it. Its real charcoal oven concocts a wide range of organic burgers and hot dogs. Some supposedly say that their burgers are Amsterdam’s finest.


Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck – Kahuku, Hawaii

This one looks like the mother of all trucks. It has been serving spicy, garlicky scampi and shrimps since 1993. Hawaii seems like a pretty awesome place to be eating delicious shrimps and licking your fingers (when it’s not raining of course).


The Grilled Cheese Truck – LA, California

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich is really starting to be our favourite American dish and America has got quite a few cheese trucks. The Grilled Cheese Truck seems to be the most popular one, with its 78 000 twitter followers and stocks on the market. But seriously: just look at that sandwich. #Drool


Mozza & Co – Paris, France

Food trucks don’t always have to mean greasy food. This tiny Mozzarella bar on wheels offers a selection of the cheese (buffalo, burrata, etc.) to pair with a salad and prosciutto or savour in a focaccia.


The Brûlée Cart – Melbourne, Australia

Out of all the sweet gourmet carts out there, this one sounds like a winner. We strongly suspect that the salted caramel crème brûlée topped with popcorn is worth the 24-hour flight.


Pizza Pi – US Virgin Islands

Yes, that’s a Pizza boat. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. If you happen to be on the US Virgin Island and craving New-York-style pizzas, you should definitely check out Pizza π. Not only do they have some really interesting choices, like the Blumin Onion, made with lemon aioli instead of a tomato base and with lots of leeks, radicchio, blue cheese, and honey – but you can also add some local toppings like lobster. Regulars usually sail to pick up their order but you can also try and swim for that extra “well-deserved” feeling.

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