Food and Music

Food vs. Music

The trend no longer is about hitting the newest club, but the up-and-coming restaurant. Some of our favourite musicians have figured that out and are spending more time in the kitchen than in the studio. Having a music background can indeed be a huge advantage in the food industry, as sound apparently affects our taste buds. Heston Blumenthal experienced it in 1997 by introducing his iPod-enhanced seafood dish: Sounds of the Sea. The idea here is that if we listen to the sea, the fish will seem fresher and thus tastier. Is fusic the new fusion?

Here are a few of our favourite foosicians.

Action Bronson

action Bronson

This guy has a serious love affair with food.  He’s more of a pioneer, as he started being a chef and hosting his online cooking show before signing with Atlantic and Vice Records.  Now he raps about food, and likes “English muffin / with butter at the Yiddish luncheon”, and flirts with chat-up lines like, “I know your hair’s soft / you’re on the menu like the lamb broth”. He takes food criticisms to a whole other level. In the Vice Eats web show, He describes restaurant Marea’s fusilli with octopus and bone marrow like “fucking a Taiwanese virgin”.  Now that’s food porn, for real.



Food wasn’t really a thing during the MTV Base time, but she did mention that her milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard. In 2006, Kelis went from bossy to saucy and trained as a saucier at Le Cordon Bleu School, to graduate in 2010. She wrote a cookbook, designed her line of fashion accessories called “Cake”, debuted her sauce line called “Feast” and started her TV show on the Cooking Channel. She finally decided to return to the music industry, by releasing an album called Food, which introduces tracks like Breakfast, Jerk Ribs, Friday Fish Fry or even Biscuits n’ Gravy.

Seth Troxler


Mixing a pinch of house and a dash of techno is what Seth does best. Mood fact of the day (short for music and food): the techno world has its own little “MasterChef” show, at the Amsterdam Dance Event DJ Cook Off and Seth Troxler won three times in a row, with some finger licking pork ribs and tender osso bucco. Since Seth is a true carnivore, he opened a barbecue joint in East London. So join us at Smokey Tails to see if techno really enhances the taste of food (and cocktails).

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