Foodie Christmas Gift List 2016

Christmas is right around the corner and still no gifts for your friends and family? Every year it’s the same drill: last minute crazy Christmas shopping and swearing that next year you’ll start in October and here you are again, browsing websites for delivery dates – hoping it’ll make it on time.

Not to worry, at Don’t Believe in Jet Lag, we’ve come up with a list of foodie Christmas gifts (which you might actually want to keep).


The Beer After Calendar – £63


A French company came up with the best advent calendar idea: an after calendar for January 2017. Packed with beers (cause fuck dry January), the calendar includes 24 bottles of beer, both international and craft, a bottle opener and coasters. What more do you need?


A Pasta making class – from £85

Nothing quite compares to the taste of fresh paste. La Cucine Caldesi in Marylebone organises fresh pasta making classes in a fun (and super Italian) environment, where you’ll be able to savour your masterpiece in different forms with different sauces and with some wine.


A Pasta maker – from £40

If you want to see if your friend actually paid attention during the pasta making class why not also (if you’re very generous) give him a pasta making machine to test in his own kitchen? This can also be a totally separate gift and be used with the support of YouTube.


A wine subscription – £75 for three months


Jean-Michel Deluc, ex sommelier at the Ritz, has co-founded Le Petit Balon: a monthly subscription where he personally selects the wines and (not personally) sends them to your house. Cheers Jean-Michel!


For Breakfast Lovers – £12

The Department Store for the Mind reminds us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day with this simple yet adorable egg plate.


A chocolate Monopoly – £12.95

That’s right my friend. Instead of winning (or loosing) money, you’re exchanging goods with milk chocolate goodies. You’ll quickly need refills though.

This also happens to be a great way to spend Boxing Day with your family.


Bone Daddies cooking set – £65

If you share a love for Bone Daddies with someone – but are both not fans of queuing for food – here is the restaurant’s complete cooking set to prepare their ramen at home.


Goat’s Cheese Making Kit – £22.50

Good news people, no need to get a goat to make your own goat’s cheese! Apparently in under two hours you can make your very own goat’s cheese at home (you will need 4 pints of goat’s milk though). If you happen to have a friend who’s recently been questioning his life and is considering moving to the countryside to live with farm animals, then that’s the perfect gift.


Botanicals for G&T – £39.95

The best way to spice up a classic G&T would be with two or three juniper berries or by adding a few cardamom pods, slightly crushed, or one of the two peppers, pink or Cubeb pepper. But if you prefer a citrus drink, the best option is to use a piece of kumquat. The possibilities are deliciously endless, thanks to these 10 botanicals.

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