Let’s face it: Christmas shopping can be a nightmare. If your friends, family members or colleagues happen to be foodies, then look no further, as you’re bound to find something they’ll love here. (This also happens to be our own Christmas wish list, FYI)


The Cheese Society’s Monthly Selections     £25,99 for a month

[Tested and approved]

Subscribe those who love cheese and surprises to –monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly or annually– get a box of heaven delivered to their doorstep. Every box contains 5 (carefully explained) cheeses.

Berry Brothers Wine Club Membership  from £120

Impress your vino friends by subscribing them to the famous Berry Bros’ Wine Club. They’ll receive a box of 12 bottles of happy juice every other month.

Sake and Cheese Pairing Event  £25

Ever thought of pairing cheese with sake? If you’ve got a friend who loves both, then he/she will adore this gift! This January event will take place in London, at Chisou Restaurant.

The Food Guide: Beirut on a plate  £15 

Beirut in a Box  £12

A little self-promotion never killed anyone. If you know anyone thinking of going to Beirut any time soon (and they should), this culinary guide will help them discover the best spots this city has to offer. If a trip to Lebanon is not on your immediate to-do list, then why not treat yourself to a box full of spices, drinks and other ingredients from the region?


The Pan Am Dining Experience    $297 

Pan Am once used to rhyme with luxury and glamour. Picture exquisite food served on real china, plush seats, quality mixology and smartly dressed travellers. Alas, times have changed. A nostalgic company in Los Angeles has decided to organize monthly gourmet dinner parties aboard a replica Pan Am Jumbo Jet from the 1970s. First class tickets include food, endless cocktails and a movie screening, and cost $297.  


Carry-on Cocktail Kit   $24 for one kit

Flying isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The only good thing about it (if you’re not going low-cost) is the free booze. This Carry On Cocktail Kit provides everything you need to craft two delicious Old Fashioned cocktails mid-flight—all you’ve got to do is add the hard stuff.  

Minipresso    $39

This one is ideal for travellers or very active people who need a caffeinated kick in the morning. Unlike other portable coffee systems, the Minipresso doesn’t need a plug or batteries as it relies on users pumping the device to brew the coffee, from a tiny shot to a double espresso. “As a result of our cares to build the perfect device, Minipresso produces at ambient condition 24°C (75°F), an espresso at perfect temperature 67°C (152°F in cup) with a nice compact and persistent cream on top”, says the Hong Kong based start-up.  

GroCycle Mushroom Kit   £16,50 for one kit

 This kit helps you grow Oyster mushrooms from waste coffee grounds. Their super eco-friendly/hippy idea is to keep coffee waste out of landfill. We find the process grossly fascinating.

Turntable Kitchen Pairings Boxes   $25/month

[Tested and approved] Music and Food is by far our favourite combo. Turntable Kitchen puts you in the mood by sending you original spices with seasonal recipes and a 7” vinyl to help you discover new artists.

Ice Cream Scoop   $14 

This sweet new kitchen tool enables you to enjoy a cheeky scoop on the go. It is especially useful if you don’t have any ice cream scones at home.

Fine Flavoured Toothpicks    $37.99

Daneson only uses natural ingredients, like essential oils, single malt scotch, and A-Grade wood toothpicks, which similarly to fine wine, evolve over time. Their fine flavour has the power to relax the mind and perfectly complete a meal.

Cheese Burger Wrapping Paper    $20


The best (and only) way to decorate your Christmas tree.

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