We don’t know about you, but we love eating out – something our wallets don’t always appreciate. Luckily for us though, there are some restaurants in the world that will give out a meal for free. If – and we repeat – if and only if:

You pick the right number
Some restaurants –like the Lebanese Pizza chain “Margherita”– will get you to pick a number between 1 and 90 at the end of your meal. If you choose the lucky draw, it’s on the house. A little birdie told us that according to their daily budget, one table usually wins every day.

You finish your plate
While this one is most common in the States, it’s been featured in numerous films so we obviously all know about it. If you finish 50 wings to the bone in 30 minutes at the West End Tavern in Colorado you’ll get your wings for free, a dozen more ones for another visit and a T-shirt. In New Jersey, if you manage to finish a 50-pound Mt. Olympus Burger at Clinton Station Diner in three hours, it’s free – and these are only 2 examples among many. Is it worth it? Only our future heart attacks will tell.


You actually make it
Now this one may sound a bit strange –and EXTREMELY dangerous– but The Huashan Teahouse in China offers a free cup of tea to anyone who actually makes it there. The trip to the mountain –where the teahouse is located– is long and grueling. Hikers must tiptoe their way across the mountain and then climb the world’s steepest staircase. Many have died. We won’t even ask you if this one is worth it; our answer is no.

You don’t get a receipt
You might have noticed that more and more fast food chains display signs that say something like “If you don’t get a receipt, your meal is for free”. Ever wondered why that is? By getting customers to be on the lookout for their receipts, patrons are preventing employee theft; cashiers will no longer be able to “forget” to ring up a meal and cash in the money in their own pockets instead.

It’s your birthday
Once again, this is more of an American/Canadian thing, but we dig it all the same. Don’t expect the Michelin starred ones to give out freebies but Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria give out a free medium pizza, Hooters offer chicken wings on the house (with a side of boobies) and The Cheesecake Factory treat you to a free scoop of ice cream accompanied by singing. Hooray.

You’re a nanny
This one is our absolute favourite. We may not be nannies ourselves, but having lived in Beirut we know how difficult it can be for some. They accompany the families they work for out and about, and are sometimes not even offered a seat. Sattvam restaurant in Bangalore offers free meals to nannies who come in with families with small children. Respect.

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